Five Techniques to Use in Roulette Live Betting

Five Techniques to Use in Roulette Live Betting

Roulette is one of the most popular games among the other casino games. Many people think that roulette is not unbeatable. However, there are only some roulette techniques which work well. In order to win the roulette game, you have to use the best techniques and strategy. Here are five techniques to use in roulette live betting.

Five Techniques to Use in Roulette Live Betting

Roulette Computers (Hidden Electronic Devices)

If you want to find the best roulette computers and make your own, just visit That is a hidden electronic device which measures the speed of the ball and wheel to predict the winning number. It is not a typical roulette techniques or strategies but it is an effective strategy to beat the roulette and it is legal to be used in almost half of casinos.

Nevertheless, some casinos still ban these techniques so it should be used in secret to prevent from detection. This technique is the most effective strategy to win the roulette. It is easy to learn and use. By using this technique, you have a chance to beat 90% modern wheels.

Five Techniques to Use in Roulette Live Betting
Five Techniques to Use in Roulette Live Betting

Physics Roulette System (Best Legal System)

This is the most effective technique which predicts the winning number before releasing the ball and the most important is it is legal. Basically, it uses the model of cause and effect. It finds the relation between the winning number and the wheel’s physical variables. This technique always allows the player to predict the winning number although the variables might be different. However, physics roulette system requires 50 to 200 spins for each direction before achieving the maximum edge.

Visual Ballistics (Using Eyesight to Predict Winning Numbers)

This technique requires your eyesight to estimate where the ball is going to fall. It is not that difficult as your think while in fact it is quite easy after practicing for several times. Visual ballistics is similar to dealer signature except if you predict the number at the end of the spinning. However, by using this technique, the player only has chance to beat 3% today’s wheels.

Dealer Signature (Consistent Spinning Dealers)

Many dealers have a tendency to spin the ball and the wheel at the consistent speeds. However, it can lead to the predictable pattern which is called “dealer signature”. Therefore, it is important to change in every 20-30 minutes. This technique requires right combination between the wheel and dealer. The principle of this technique is simple.

First of all, just consider that the ball will hit some diamonds more often than others. Second, considering that the ball bounce is predictable. This technique is easy to use when you have identified the suitable dealer and wheel. However, it will take your time to find that suitable conditions.

Bias Analysis (Exploiting Wheel Imperfections)

Have you realized that actually roulette wheels have slight imperfections which make some numbers have chance to win more than other numbers? It is called “biased wheel”. By using this technique, the player can find and have profit from a biased wheel before the casinos know about it. Moreover, the player can get the prediction before releasing the ball.

In playing Roulette, the players should choose the best technique if they want to win. Those are five techniques to use in roulette live betting that can be considered before playing roulette. Make sure that you choose the best technique which suits you most.


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