Sic Bo Top Strategies to Win Continuously

Sic Bo Top Strategies to Win Continuously

One of the best online casino games is Sic Bo. In top five most played games, Sic Bo is an interesting game. This game uses three dices and is very easy to play. But, easy can’t guarantee winning. So, here some Sic Bo top strategies to win continuously.

Sic Bo Top Strategies to Win Continuously

Every game has at least on strategy to keep you on winning side. But even though there’s a strategy, Sic Bo is purely a game that depends on luck. If you are not lucky enough when playing Sic Bo, then you better quit before losing a big amount of money.

There’s a key to win much money beside your luck. It’s your patience. Being able to stay longer in the game can make your chance of winning greater than ever. It does not depend on how much money you bet on, but how many games that you play to finally give you benefit.

Sic Bo Top Strategies to Win Continuously
Sic Bo Top Strategies to Win Continuously

Play Longer on 1:1 Betting

Play longer means that you still have money to be bet on. Play longer also means that you will have another chance to win. So how can it work? Try to always put a bet on 1:1 payment. With this kind of bet, you will have a 50:50 chance of winning. Besides, there is more than one way to put this bet on.

Small and Big Bets

When you put your bets on 1:1 payment and win, you will get your money doubled. But there is other greater payment. There’s 180:1 payment. It means, if you put a $10 bets, and you win, you’ll get $1.800. It is a big winning. But, the chance to win that bet is no more than 0, 8%. Comparing to 1:1, your payment will give you 50% chance of winning.

Small and Big bets give you 1:1 payment. With this bet, you can win continuously without you even noticing it. A small bet is if the total of the three dices is between 4 and 10. A big bet is when the total of three dices is between 11 and 17. Why not 3 or 18? Because it is triple dices. You have to put your bet on triple to win this number.

Single Odd Even Number Bet

There is another way to win with 50 % chance. They are Even Odds Bets and Single dice bets. Just like Roulette, you can bet on the type of number that will appear. There’s odd and even. Both will give you 1:1 payment. There’s also single dice bet.

Single dice bet is a bet on a single number that you think will appear between the three dices. For example, if you bet on 6 and 6 appears once, you’ll get 1:1 payment. If 6 appears twice, you’ll get 2:1 and 3 :1 if 6 appears three times.

Playing Sic Bo or any other games doesn’t mean that you don’t have to push too hard to win big in single game. Try to play along as long as you can. Bet on small amount of money, but take the biggest chance of winning. Play longer, and small winning can be big if you win continuously. So, those are Sic Bo top strategies to win continuously. Learn to apply them and see how great it helps you.

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