Squeeze Baccarat Tips to Avoid Losing Money

Squeeze Baccarat Tips to Avoid Losing Money

Do you know any squeeze baccarat tips to avoid losing money? Actually, the game still ignites the most thrilling sensation in any casino, thus attracting many punters in. Even so, there is a strong reason why many those petty gamblers wail in the end of the game. They miss their moment and might have bet a high account.

Squeeze Baccarat Tips to Avoid Losing Money

  1. Walk Away From The High Pole

When you step inside the casino, there will be several tables open for squeeze baccarat game. Don’t be careless and sit on wherever table that has empty chair. Observing carefully the number of the pole would be a wise thing to do. High pole means high bet, which will give you more chance to win within higher countermeasure.

The low one presents the opposite; lower bet, less money lose and low difficulty. Being a bystander and enjoy the game in high pole table is not a bad idea, though. Just don’t be surprised that the winner will immediately cash out his money instead of rolling for another round. If he does, in most cases he will be in the losing team.

Squeeze Baccarat Tips to Avoid Losing Money
Squeeze Baccarat Tips to Avoid Losing Money
  1. Stand Behind The Banker

The bookies have three sides to stand on; the player, the banker and tie. Don’t think twice and take the side of the banker. This side has bigger chance to win the game. The strict rule might seem doubtful; the punters will get five percent less when they win.

In return, banker gives you slightly more than 50% chance to win the game. Isn’t the agreement quite fair? This is why you should bet on the banker, whatever the condition is. This rule applies for both land-based and online casino.

  1. Leave Tie Option

Even though there are three choices in squeeze baccarat, it doesn’t mean that you should alternate them. Any intermediate bookies know that each option has its own winning percentage, presented in house edge percentage. For example, the banker has 1.06 percent. It means that you will be on the losing team 1.06 units for every one hundred unit bet.

The player has slightly higher number: 1.24 percent. The punters will lose 1.24 units in one hundred units. The last one, however, escalates the number; 14.4 percent. Betting on this side will give you more headache compared to the winning. Try it just once in a time.

  1. Consider The Card Holding Technique

The key of successful bookies in baccarat game is luck and good eyes. You might step into a game where the players have better observing ability than the bankers. In this case, you might consider to take the players side. Whether you like it or not, the way the dealer holds the card determine the winning side.

Some dealers prefers to show one third of the card first, then slowly reveal the other sides. Another trick is to let the corner peeks and gradually show the real value. Depending on the requirement to win the bet, the player might know from the beginning that he will win the game.

Even a bystander call tells why the squeezing baccarat is exciting. It must be the high anticipation of the real value of the card. To take part of the fun, you should bet on the banker’s side and avoid the tie. It rarely happens, thus earns you a lost. If you can follow the squeeze baccarat tips to avoid losing money, at least you walk away from the casino with healthy account.

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