Top 3 Strategies in Online Roulette

Top 3 Strategies in Online Roulette

Before applying top 3 strategies in online roulette, you have to know that the online casino hunts down the regular winner account. Right before you could cash out the money you have won, your account would be suspended. To avoid this kind of problems happening to you and the other punters, you have to play smartly and strategically.

Top 3 Strategies in Online Roulette

  1. Using Others’ Account

In online casino, the shortcut to find the brilliant roulette punters is by observing the account. Once you win big amount of money in the casino, the identification detection will work on you. Anytime you logged in using the previous ID, your account is less likely to win the bet. Take a step back after you enjoy the great betting.

When the urge to play is burning, you could always lend a hand of the other bettors. It is similar to moving a marionette doll; you are the brain, while the account owner is just the pawn. As an exchange, you could give good sharing value if you win the roulette betting.  You could also borrow a stranger’s ID for less than $100. Isn’t it a nice win-win solution?

Top 3 Strategies in Online Roulette
Top 3 Strategies in Online Roulette
  1. One Betting

Before you play using the second strategy, make sure you have adequate or lots of money for the bet. Soon, you will go through a slow process of winning, aiming for the big number on a certain belt. In order to do this, you should pick your belt first. It is recommended to take the black belt, as it has more chances of winning.

Let the game begins. The rule is simple: you have to double the betting on black every time you lose the game. In addition, you have to put another bet on the red belt. This routine will repeat itself until you hit a jackpot. Remember that the red belt will have similar number, no matter how many times you lose the bet. On the other side, the betting on black belt will always be raised.

  1. Large Betting

The last one is well suited for those bookies who set their eyes at victory only. It includes long time observation, large sum of bank account and also the once in a month play. To win the bet, you must notice when the roller is most predictable. Join the table and play your strategy.

Since the game is easier than usual, winning big won’t be impossible. In fact, the punters could bring back thousand dollars. It is very important to claim the money as soon as possible. Otherwise, the casino may detect your smooth play and prevent you to cash out the dollars. Later on, the countermeasure would be more complicated and you are blocking the way for the next punters to win just like you.

There are ways to snatch the jackpot outcomes from the online dealers, while staying under the cover. The easiest way is to play using another punter’s account with a promising share. Some other bookies also try to win the jackpot at once. The patient bettor may also choose to run the slow strategies in top 3 strategies in online roulette. Good luck!


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